In 2011, Agate Publishing released my Soup & Bread Cookbook, a revised and expanded version of a limited-edition, self-published collection of recipes drawn from a multitentacled hunger-relief fundraiser I organize at the Hideout. The Agate book collects recipes from Soup & Bread and pairs them with short essays on the various functions of soup as a tool for community buiding and social justice. It’s so far been well received.

I spent large chunks of 2010 and 2011 working on this as a manuscript under contract to Agate and as as a package for which I served as both author and project manager, working over the course of six months with a designer, illustrator, intern, and line editor to deliver camera-ready files to Agate and their printer.

This was a challenge — but I enjoyed it, and would like to do it again, especially on behalf of someone else’s work. Are you looking for someone to whip your project into shape and hammer down the details while you focus on the creative stuff? Let’s talk.