What haunts your house? Eviction? Foreclosure? Mice? Ghosts?

“A Memory Palace of Fear” is a haunted house about housing  — an immersive theater installation designed to explore the many ways our homes can both menace us and keep us safe.

Produced by Theater Oobleck, with support from the Social Justice News Nexus program at Medill School of Journalism, workshop performances of AMPOF will be staged October 29 & 30 at Silent Funny, 4106 W. Chicago Ave., in Chicago.

Over the summer, we are collecting stories of hauntings both material and supernatural

Have you lived in or near a haunted house? (A home that has been abandoned, foreclosed upon, or otherwise deprived of habitation, for better or for worse.)

Has your home been stalked by ghosts?  (Rodents, lead, asbestos, bedbugs, bad roommates, negligent landlords, predatory lenders, debt, violence, loss, or just plain old phantoms.)

We want to hear all about it. We offer two ways for you to get in touch.

Easy, anonymous, low-risk option: Call our hotline at 312-798-9148 to tell us your tales of housing horrors. No money down, no hidden fees! Just leave a message of any length. You are not obliged to leave your name and number but you may if you like.

More engaged, high-reward, still low-risk option: Have you, someone you know, or a group of someones, experienced housing trauma? Do you live in a neighborhood with vacant properties? Send an email to or leave us a voicemail and one of our agents will contact you to set up an appointment. We will come to you and work with you to record your story(ies).

We look forward to hearing from you! That number again: 312-798-9148. Limited time offer expires September 15.