And still more Chicago Neighborhood Guidebook news

Reviews of the book continue to pop up around town over the last month and change! Here’s a handy roundup for the curious:

In South Side Weekly, writer Max Budovich noted that the book “offers a buffet of places you might want to visit, interesting facts, and memorable moments. It leaves you on your own to piece the map together, which is a welcome challenge.”

Over at LoganSquarist,  Ariel Parrella-Aureli talked with contributor Nicholas Ward about his piece, “The Best Burger on the Square.” He has so many smart things to say! Among them this: “Making everything about gentrification misses the forest for the trees of the fact that, like, it’s really hard to [live] in the city, and neighborhoods of color are being dis-invested all the time. So if we are talking about who benefits from what’s been added, we also have to talk about what’s been lost.”

Dan Kelly took a long, thorough, lovely look at the book at Third Coast Review, concluding, “The Chicago Neighborhood Guidebook makes an effort to describe the kaleidoscopic sand art project that is the Windy City. Bayne is doing something new here with a skilled and colorful effort to remember the city’s then while recording something of the mercurial now it currently inhabits.”

And most recently, Gloria Talamantes of The Gate recapped our cozy reading at Back of the Yards Coffeehouse on November 14, noting: “Each story, unique in its way, reminds us of the nuances that make up Chicago, a city known for its neighborhoods, pizza, yellow (or not so yellow) street lights and segregation.”

Thanks again to everyone across the city for your support. It’s really been a source of wonder and strength for me this fall, and I’m grateful.

Note: The second printing of the book now solidly in hand and is available online direct from Belt; watch for Black Friday (ugh) discounts coming soon. ALSO, coming up, I’ll be selling books at the Hideout Holiday Sale on December 16, from 6-9 pm at The Hideout. Come out, have a drink and say hi! And if you know of another holiday sale or event that could use a popup bookseller, please let me know.