Be Afraid



“Donald Trump’s upset victory has been held up as—among many things—an alarming triumph of emotion over reason. But what’s less discussed in all the hot takes is the notion that emotion can and should be taken seriously in public life as it is in private. As establishment liberals experience political fear, many of them for the first time, they would be wise to stop attempting to distance themselves from it, however unpleasant it is and however ugly it makes them.”[The Baffler]

Just after Halloween I went to New York to go to a haunted house. I wrote about it over Thanksgiving weekend and now, just in time for Christmas, here it is. Thanks to Chris Lehmann and the Baffler for understanding that fear isn’t a seasonal event.

* PS: The above is the only photo you were allowed to take at Doomocracy. Lay your dystopian interpretations on that as you will.