1001 Chicago Afternoons on the RBC release party

We sang Chicago to each other. We sang its highs and lows. We sang its long, straight streets perfect for getting lost when you’re in the mood to do so. We sang the communities that made us young black girls and the bars that made us wild and wanton gentrifiers. And I even got a … Continued

Hypertext Magazine: One Question

The lovely Christine Rice at Hypertext Magazine invited me to be part of their ongoing “One Question” feature. The prompt: “What question do you wish you’d been asked about this anthology and/or your own writing?” I took a stab at an answer here.    

Rust Belt Chicago: An Anthology

Coming in August from Belt Publishing …. it’s a book, edited by me. A book about Chicago and how it relates to the Rust Belt, and doesn’t. Inside are essays, personal narratives, journalism, fiction, and poetry from 52 contributors. On the outside is this beautiful piece of art, created by Chicago legend Tony Fitzpatrick. By … Continued

What Is Sanctuary, Anyway?

“You know how there’s the eye of the hurricane? You could be surrounded by the storm but there’s a place where it’s quiet and it’s tranquil, where you can still think. Where you can prepare yourself and meet with people, and come up with a strategy for defense and secure yourself. That’s what I think … Continued

A Report from O’Hare

They all looked tired, but Amirisefat was lit. “Under the new administration I have to wait in the airport for five or six hours, while my brother in law is detained for no reason? This is insane!” On Saturday, January 28, I drove out to O’Hare with my friend Andrea (who proved to be an … Continued

Be Afraid

  “Donald Trump’s upset victory has been held up as—among many things—an alarming triumph of emotion over reason. But what’s less discussed in all the hot takes is the notion that emotion can and should be taken seriously in public life as it is in private. As establishment liberals experience political fear, many of them … Continued

A Memory Palace of Fear

The “projects” page has been updated. Go there to read all about A Memory Palace of Fear — a haunted house, about housing, that I’ve been working on for the last howevermany months.

Reporting from the RNC in CLE

In July, I spent a week in Cleveland coordinating coverage of the Republican National Convention for Belt Magazine — and I even managed to write a few stories myself. Our entire package can be found here. For my part, I covered a group of clowns protesting Trump’s denigration of their good name and the toxic crowd scene at an … Continued