I am a rigorous yet flexible editor, with one hand on the AP Stylebook and the other holding firm to the Chicago Manual of Style. Currently I am a senior editor with Belt Publishing, an independent, Cleveland-based small press publishing original nonfiction by, for, and about the industrial Midwest (aka the “Rust Belt”) and its environs.

I have worked in trade, academic, and book publishing, but the body of my experience is in journalism. I am currently associate editor for the Medill School of Journalism’s Social Justice News Nexus program. I was for three years editor in chief of Belt Magazine; before that I was a copy editor at the Chicago Tribune. From 1998-2007 I was an editor at the Chicago Reader, the city’s award-winning free weekly.

I have also worked as managing editor of an academic journal devoted to opera and performance studies, as associate managing editor of Plate Magazine, a trade magazine for professional chefs, and somewhere in there I edited essays for two years as Sunday coeditor of the Rumpus.

As a book editor, I have edited manuscripts by Elizabeth Catte, Ted McClelland, and Ryan Schnurr for Belt as well as independent projects for Dmitry SamarovNance KlehmAnne Trubek, and Zoe Zolbrod.

I have also served as editor and project manager for custom publishing pieces in the food and hospitality industry and, most recently, with Belt’s boutique publishing arm, Parafine Press.

I am available for freelance editorial and project management work; for more details see my resume.

Bonus content! Got some time to kill? I am fond of this audio piece — about the olden days at the Reader, about the death of newspapers, and about being edited by me — written and performed by former Time Out Chicago theater editor Christopher Piatt for his weekly variety series, the Paper Machete.

Christopher Piatt on Martha Bayne, part 1 of 2

Christopher Piatt on Martha Bayne, part 2 of 2