Into the past, out of the future


I’m pretty sure I last saw Terri Griffith standing outside an all-ages club in Seattle, sometime in the middle of the night circa 1984. Clove cigarettes may have been involved.

Last saw, that is, until a few weeks ago when, thanks to the freaky magic of Facebook,*  we wound up having lunch at the Wishbone. 

And, of course, we both agreed that this was very strange and a little dorky but was also really fun and we turned out to (still, of course) have a lot in common. To wit: she’s got a groovy food blog.

Terri got turned on to the lost riches of the Culinary Arts Institute last fall, thanks to one of Mike Sula’s Reader columns. The blog — on which she documents her attempts to recreate such American classics as “Frank ‘N Potato Pie” and “Meat Muffins” — is part of a larger research project for a novel loosely based on the CAI and (I think I’ve got this right) its editor, Ruth Berolzheimer, described by Mike as “a bit of an ‘oddball,’ a tall, intimidating, ‘crusty,’ and ‘critical’ woman who never married and who feuded with her mother and sister over money.”

Posting’s been light lately (pot, meet kettle) but maybe that just means Terri’s busy combing through “250 Delicious Soup Recipes” and will come through for a Soup and Bread (only four more left!). Or, maybe she’s writing that novel — which is more than I can say for myself. In any case, behold: 250 Potato Possibilities.

* I’m generally of the view that the magic of Facebook isn’t All That — the FB math seems mainly to just flatten time and make visible the connections between people already bound by less visible commonalities of childhood/class/college education/computer literacy. But in this instance it was really a case of “Whoa! No waay!” I mean, Terri and weren’t even that tight back in the day. And now, here we are at the Wishbone, talking about food blogging?