Reporting from Puerto Rico

In late 2018 Isabel Dieppa, Kari Lydersen, and I were the pleasantly startled recipients of a grant from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, to research and report on property rights in Puerto Rico. We made three trips thanks to that grant — in December, January, and April — and spoke with many, many Puerto … Continued

In the Shadow of Lincoln Yards

What’s going on with the Hideout, you ask? I answer. Or try to anyhow. I wrote about the proposed Lincoln Yards development and what it might mean for the Hideout, the near north side, and the city at large for the Baffler (below) and then talked about it with Gary Zidek of WDCB’s The Arts … Continued

Down and Out in Detroit and Puerto Rico

“There was a great difference, I said, between the things I wanted and the things that I could apparently have, and until I had finally and forever made my peace with that fact, I had decided to want nothing at all.” 

On food sovereignty and solidarity in Puerto Rico

In May I spent a week in Puerto Rico with Tara Rodriguez Besosa and farmers and food activists working with the Fondo de Resilienca to help build a more sustainable Puerto Rican food system. I’ve been following Tara’s work for several years and I’m glad to be able to share some of it with this … Continued

Worldview, July 9, 2018

It was a pleasure to join Alexandra Solomon on WBEZ’s Worldview to talk — along with collaborators Kari Lydersen and Hannah Wiley — about our research into FEMA’s Transitional Sheltering Assistance program, and a host of related subjects. You can listen in here: 

Most Puerto Rican evacuees in Chicago didn’t benefit from FEMA hotel program

I’ve been working on this lengthy investigative piece — on how the potential for a federal program designed to help hurricane evacuees has been, for the most part, squandered in Chicago — for several months, with Kari Lydersen, Gwen Aviles, Isabel S. Dieppa, Hannah Wiley, Jessica Villagomez, and Carla Minet, of the Centro de Periodismo … Continued

Voices From the Rust Belt

In 2014 I wrote a monologue about urban gardening, seeds and weeds, and the redevelopment of the old rail line by my apartment into a bike path and walking trail. I performed it that summer, and then, some months later, revised it into an essay and it was published on Belt Magazine. A scant three years later, … Continued