November 2, 2016: Many, many thanks to all who came out October 29 and 30 to our two sold-out workshop performances. We were especially gratified to see so many West Humboldt neighbors in the house — and we apologize again if Walt scared your child!

We learned a lot, and had a blast doing it — and, never fear, we will be back next year. In the meantime, we welcome your feedback. Email us at and let us know your thoughts: What worked, what didn’t, what was the deal with that fortune teller?

Thanks also to Paul Dailing and Alexandria Johnson for their generous coverage:

1001 Chicago Afternoons #705: Haunting Houses

Immersive Theater and Social Commentary in West Humboldt Park This Weekend

Hundreds Experience Housing Horrors at West Side Haunted House

And thanks to Kristin Basta and Eiren Caffall for the gorgeous photos below.

Want to know more? A program note can be found here.


A Memory Palace of Fear is a haunted house about housing — an immersive theater installation exploring the ways the spaces we call home can turn from refuge to menace, and back again. Original workshop production October 29 & 30, 2016, at Silent Funny, 4106 W. Chicago.

Created by: Martha Bayne, Lily Emerson, Billie Howard, Sara Heymann, Andrea Jablonski, Charlie Malave

With: Emmy Bean, Jean Carlos Claudio, Sharon Lanza, and Kat McJimsey

Produced by Theater Oobleck, with support from the Social Justice News Nexus program at Medill School of Journalism.

(From the archives: The Memory Palace of Fear: On Haunted Houses, Abandonment, and Other Frights, performed 1/25/16 & 2/1/16 as part of the Rhinoceros Theater Festival, Chicago.)