Some pig

V. quickly cos I have to go to work–I finally got around to watching the video component of the Whole Hog Project, produced by Sky Full of Bacon‘s Mike Gebert, and just wanted to plug it here as well. (Sorry Cyndi!)

Yes, parts of it are kinda gruesome. (Much more so than the “gruesome” Sarah Palin/turkey slaughter interview currently making the rounds. Which is funny and all, but the fact that the Huffington Post’s chattering class is all up in arms about *that* just shores up the point of Sula’s project. That point being that urbanites are out of touch with the origins of their food, and get queasy when confronted with the facts.) Anyway. The video does convey the downright decency of all parties involved with a directness that’s difficult to achieve in prose. Listening to farmer Linda Derrickson talk from the heart about honoring and giving thanks for the happy lives of pigs is worth at least 100 pages of the Omnivore’s Dilemma.

It’s here:

Part one

Part two

PS: I couldn’t afford to go to the dinner, but I did have some mulefoot once, at a blind tasting Mike set up at the dawn of all of this.