Bedtime Stories

We’re bringing back A Memory Palace of Fear this fall — in bigger, better, and spookier form! — and more details on that will be available soon. But in the meantime, we’re dipping into the haunted well with a series of free workshops in West Side parks. I’ll be leading a guided storytelling process (ok, it’s … Continued

Repetitive stress

[I am neither an actor nor a playwright, and yet somehow I have wound up in a theater company full of actors and playwrights. I wrote and performed this for Theater Oobleck‘s 25th anniversary bash June 19, staged at Uptown’s beautiful National Pastime Theater as part of the Pivot Arts Festival.] I come before you … Continued

Strauss at Midnight …

… is up and running, so look forward to an imminent return to blurry shots of home cooking experiments regularly scheduled programming. In the meantime, check out this rave pre-review non-review from Don Hall, aka “Angry White Guy in Chicago.” The pull quote: “I think you should, without question, go and see Strauss at Midnight. I … Continued

Where I’ve been

This week I took a break from the natural world and spent just under 60 hours is the very unnatural world of the theater. That theater, up there, to be precise.  Theater Oobleck‘s production of Jeff Dorchen‘s new play, Strauss at Midnight, opens Thursday, June 11, at the DCA’s Storefront Theater downtown. And it is great! … Continued