Rust Belt Chicago: Now for real and in the world for you

Rust Belt Chicago, the anthology of essays, poetry, journalism, and short fiction that I’ve been working on for 18 months is now in the world and available for all your summer reading needs. If you’re in Chicago, come celebrate with us on Sunday, August 13 at the Hideout.

Fresh Air fail

So, remember that Rumpus essay from September? In the long wake of the attention it generated, my friend Zoe Zolbrod and I sat down this month to talk about the perils of personal writing, privacy, publicity, and what happens when Terry Gross comes calling. Our questions, and some answers, went up April 21 at the … Continued

Bitch in the kitchen

Back in the 90s, before the internet, and before I got all into food and growing things, I put out a zine. You remember zines — little magazines printed on paper? You bought them at indie record stores? Or Quimby’s if you were lucky enough to have someplace like that in your town? Anyway. Ours … Continued