The Chicago Neighborhood Guidebook is “required reading”

We got our first review and it is a doozy. I am still in shock, and gratitude. Big thanks John Warner and the Chicago Tribune for taking our work seriously.

He goes on to say that the book “reinforces what an amazing and interesting place it is, filled with talented writers and artists who contributed to the book. But it also requires the reader to see the city anew, to confront its problems and not fall back on empty sentiment.”

He also singles out the work of contributors Josh Burbridge, Raymond Perry, and Audrey Petty for praise and notes of Belt’s platform as a whole:

Belt Publishing, the producers of “The Chicago Neighborhood Guidebook,” is carving out a unique niche among independent publishers by focusing on the Midwest. … Belt’s mission is to produce “carefully edited, complex writing,” and by my estimation they are successful.

Read the full review here.